Your Package Can Include:






Clean Up

Weed Management

Irrigation Checks

Pest Managment

Power Washing

Parking Lot Sweeps

+ More

Put your mind at ease with a detailed maintenance plan directed to meet your objectives.

Our maintenance services will be specifically designed to your location. With regular quality inspections, we ensure that you will be pleased with your landscape. Our high quality services ensure your property is making year round impressions on your guests, tenants, visitors, and employees.

While working with GreenCare, you’ll be working with a team that maintains the highest standards possible and ensures our detailed safety guidelines are followed.

We look forward to being able to maintain your property and landscape.

The Process

What To Expect


Phase One

We start by creating a plan that’s custom tailored to your needs and goals. As we put together these services for you, we look at all determining factors, such as: Cost vs Balancing and the visual appeal of your property.

Phase Two

After we have completed your package outline, our specialized team will provide you with not only a detailed plan but an exact schedule, putting your mind at ease.

Phase Three

The GreenCare team assigned to your property will follow through with putting the plan into action. Throughout this process, whether a one time or recurring service, we encourage our clients to come to us with any concerns.

Why Work With GreenCare?

Our company offers excellent customer service, professionalism, and reliability that you don’t always get with other landscaping companies.

Services offered:

routine checks




overall management

Water and Irrigation Management is an integral part of your landscapes sustainability, longevity, and budget.

GreenCare will help to reduce costs associated with water usage. We can provide regular maintenance checks and programs to reduce cost and help with water retention.

Our Certified Landscape Professionals will conduct regular monthly checks and provide detailed reports and analysis of your system. This will not only contribute to the growth, preservation, and sustainability of your landscape, it will help to reduce costs and expenditures.

We will ensure that your landscape is not only being properly maintained but flourishing under our water/irrigation management.

How we care